Tips for Men's Sexual Health Month

June 10, 2016 1 min read

June is Men's Sexual Health Month! Keep your heart, body, and mojo healthy with these tips from the wonderful people at Entrenue:

1. Cut back on the red meat

A high intake of dietary fat can increase testosterone production, which can increase prostate cancer. 

2. Early detection of prostate cancer can help!

When prostate cancer is detected in stage 1, the 5-year recovery rate is close to 100%

Aneros MGX prostate stimulator

3. Prostate massage for pleasure and nutrition 

Not only can this be incredibly pleasurable to men, it can also contribute to a healthy prostate AND stronger orgasms!

4. Get some sleep

Being sleep deprived can lower testosterone levels and contribute to erectile issues, so rest up for great sex!

5. Put a ring on it

Flexible, rigid, vibrating and non-vibrating penis rings can help maintain an erection and make orgasms stronger. They're available in all different sizes and materials from flexible silicone to metal

6. You are what you eat!

Berries, broccoli, Maca, avocado, tomato and watermelon are all great goods that help reduce inflammation and/or slow cancer growth or increase circulation - all providing better blood flow to the penis (and the rest of the body).

Also, research studies suggest turmeric is a wonderful ally in reducing inflammation! Learn more here

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