Is candy play vagina safe?

November 04, 2009 2 min read

R. Reed asks:

Dear Amy,
I'm starting to explore the world of sex and food due to the boredom of traditional sex that my boyfriend and i are used to. We started off with the chocolate melting kits that you can buy at various sex stores, however that is even becoming a little mundane. We started using various candies such as peppermint patties and reeses large peanut better cups. However, after a crazy night of partying, we might get a little frisky with sourpatch kids; that brings a good pucker to my clitoris.I have heard that sugar is bad for your vagina, is this so? Should i douche after each candy session or will my pee just cleanse it out?
Thank you i appreciate your advice regarding this matter.

Dear R. Reed:

Sugar is not necessarily bad for the vagina. It may, however, lead to bacterial problems such as yeast infections. This is why most personal lubricants are designed to be sugar/glycerin-free. If you have been indulging in these candy sessions for a while now and have not experienced a yeast infection as a result of this type of play, you may be one of those women who is simply not prone to yeast infections. This does not in any way mean it will never happen in the future. Hormonal changes and/or a weakened immune system can increase your susceptibility to bacterial infections. All it takes is a head cold a some sugar in the vagina to produce one uncomfortable yeast infection.

In terms of douching after each candy play session, I do not know how necessary it is as the vagina is very good at self-cleaning. Some say it even cleaner than the average mouth! I would recommend trying to avoid the whole candy in-the-vag scenario all together, but if another fun-filled sugary moment occurs, a nice, soapy shower may do the trick.

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