Are my fantasies normal?

November 18, 2009 1 min read

heeven china asks:

Hi Amy,
i was wondering how common it is to fantasize about my boyfriends dad while i'm having sex with him. Whenever i go to their family functions, i can't stop thinking about how huge his dads member probably is... Is this wrong, should i confess my thoughts to my boyfriend, or just keep the thought of his dad's asian invasion away from my wall of china?

Dear heeven china,

Many people fantasize about an array of things. There is nothing wrong your fantasies, whatever they may be. With that being said, some fantasies may never actually be intended to become a reality. For example, rape fantasies are very common, and most rape fantasizers do not really want to be raped.

If you are considering telling your boyfriend about these fantasies strictly out of guilt or concern, remember that fantasizing is very common and completely harmless. There is no reason why you need to come clean about the thoughts that turn you on. Your fantasies are yours to keep, and unless they begin causing you intense psychological pain or grief, well then, fantasize away!

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