Anal Play Gone Awry

December 09, 2009 2 min read

scared asks:

Dear Amy,
My boyfriend and i having been thinking for a while that we should try out a little anal pleasure play. I have read recent questions people have asked you regarding this matter and came to the conclusion that lube was definitely key in this conquest. I bought a little vibrator that looked just perfect to use on my man's area and started playing around with lots of lube, the vibrator, and of course his baby brown eye. I guess i overestimated the power of lube, and the vibrator slipped into him. Fortunately, when i let go it automatically turned off, but on the negative side it is now inside, and he's extremely uncomfortable. My man is super stubborn and weary about this whole situation, and refuses to go to the doctor. He needs it out soon, do you have any home remedies that we could try in order to recover his rocket from space? i need help ASAP. i'm scared for him.

Thank you.

Dear Scared:

First things first: Go to the doctor. What you are dealing with may be out of your boyfriend's control. While there is a chance he will be able to pass the vibrator when he has a bowel movement, there is also an increased risk for injury resulting in tissue damage. Depending on the size or shape of the toy and the materials it is made out of, this may be harmful to his body, and he may not even be able to pass it on his own no matter how hard he tries.

What you are dealing with is an unconscious internal sphincter muscle that has basically sucked up the vibrator. This happens to a lot of people who put anything without a flared base in the anus. Whether it's sex toys, vegetables, baseballs, or marbles, doctors have either seen or heard of it all stuck up in someone's rectum. I would advise your boyfriend to go to the doctor ASAP. You are better off talking to trained health professionals who will know what to do safely and confidentially rather than hoping for it to dislodge itself.

Lastly, while I fully encourage exploring the wonderful world of anal play, please consider using a toy that has a flared base the next time around, such as The Pandoraor The Pro-touch. If you are shopping in our store or on our website, most of our product descriptions will tell you if a toy is anal-friendly.

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