First Friday Art Tour, Here I Come

June 05, 2010 2 min read 2 Comments

I recently had the privilege of posing for a "Mary Magdalene" themed body casting by Richard Smith, a delightfully humble local artist. I was invited to his rustic art studio alongside my lady friend and play-partner-in-crime on what will now be referred to as Naked Saturday.

Before venturing to his creative oasis, I was asked to assess what Mary Magdalene meant to me.  With anger being the first notable feeling running through my veins, I imagined a strong woman rocking her arm muscles with a big flip of the middle finger at anyone who dared to threaten her sexuality. While I would generally describe myself as a peaceful person, all bets are off when I hear a man refer to a woman as a slut or a whore simply because she is unmarried, sexually active, and/or plays with multiple partners. And what really kills me is when women use these terms to insult other women. As common shareholders of womanhood, we are supposed to help and support each other rather than contribute to outdated patriarchal social stigma...grrrr...

Anyhow, we decided to throw the middle finger out the window but kept the flexed arms as the primary essence of the pose. However, once I got into my pose, Richard mentioned I would have to hold the pose for 30 minutes. So flexing was also thrown out, but we kept the arms up to show some sort of definition of my tiny arm muscles. Next, the cloths came off and my lady-friend proceeded to lube up my entire body with organic body lotion. A few sweet giggles and purrs later, it was go time.

My body was slowly casted from my forehead all the way down to my vag. After my mouth was covered, there was no turning back. I became a slave to the art gods; I was not allowed to speak, but could only be spoken to. On a normal day I am more than willing to tap into my submissive self, but after 10 minutes or so, gravity was no longer on my side and my arms went completely numb. I began tormenting myself with bondage horror stories where knots are tied too tight and limbs are tragically lost. So I began flicking my hands against my head to alarm Richard and sexy lady-friend, but lady-friend's laughter made me think she didn't quite get it. Just when I began accepting the fact that I might be losing an arm for art, Richard tapped into my panic and asked lady-friend to hold my arms up for the duration of the drying process.

20 minutes and and the removal of an exo-skeleton later, I was naked, free, and still had both arms intact. After an outdoor shower in Richard's beautiful garden, smiles and hugs were shared and we were off to get naked once again at Bay-to-Breakers in San Francisco that same evening. But that's a whole different story.

My body cast, along with many others including sexy lady-friend's entire body in fetal position, and maybe even a "wall of groin", will be featured at Pure Pleasure for the month of July.

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June 07, 2010

Agreed. I have met a number of powerful women who embrace the words “slut” and “whore”, often as part of their sexual identity.

Michael A. Moran
Michael A. Moran

June 06, 2010

Slut and whore are wonderful words when properly used. I personally love slutty women, and feel that whores serve an important role in society. Thus for me the use of these words can never be pejorative regardless of the context in which they appear. I realize that there are a great many people who mean them to be pejorative when they say them. In the case of those people it is their attitude and its underlying beliefs which are offensive and not the words themselves.

I also understand that there are a great many women who feel that these words are derogatory, do not identify as either, have expended a great deal of effort and sacrificed joy and pleasure in their own lives so that in their own opinion these words would not apply to them. To them I say, “Who’s rules should decide the course of your life, your own or someone else’s?” Embrace your desire for pleasure, cast off the shackles of religious morality and enjoy yourself to the greatest extent possible.

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