I'm Up For Auction!

July 02, 2010 1 min read

Rapturous Dreams” by Richard Smith

That's right, folks, Ask Amy is up for auction!

The final ceramic piece of my beautiful body cast is now hanging on display in Pure Pleasure. And instead of putting my sexy exoskeleton up for sale, we have decided to auction it off with all proceeds going to the 2010 San Francisco AIDS Walk!

The piece is creatively titled "Rapturous Dreams", and can by attributed to the sea of erotic imagery that constantly blesses my sleep. I'm sure everyone has their own form of work dreams and nightmares. I'm also pretty sure that as someone who spends 8+ hours a day working in a room full of sex toys, my work dreams most likely make your work dreams bow down with adoration and envy. Let it be known that I have no shame in owning the title as "the queen of wet dreams". I do, however, feel a slight hint of guilt when I wake up positively glowing from a hot sex dream involving someone other than the person sleeping next to me at that particular moment...

The bidding for "Rapturous Dreams" starts Friday July 2nd at Pure Pleasure at 6:30pm, ending  on Friday, July 9th at 6:30pm.

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