July 21, 2010 3 min read

I'm not sure how you like to spend your Tuesday evenings, but this young lady likes to power-walk the ocean cliffs alongside her girlfriends with K-Ball's in tow. 4 miles, 4 ladies, and 4 sets of Kegel balls make up the new Tuesday K-ball Mafia tradition.

In case you're wondering, K-Balls consist of two connected silicone balls and are worn vaginally to help strengthen the PC (or pubococcygeus) muscles. The PC muscles play a huge role in bladder control, sensitivity and blood flow to the pelvic region, as well as orgasmic intensity. "Kegels" are the exercises practiced to help strengthen the PC muscles, and are best described as that tightening or clenching feeling you get when you are trying to stop the flow of urine. One clench= 1 Kegel.

Kegels can be practiced without the use of Kegel balls, but may not be as effective. Think of it like this: if you wanted to work on your arm muscles, you could lift your arms up and down and would probably see some definition, but not nearly as much as your would if you had been lifting weights. Basically, your vaginal walls are the muscles that need the workout, and the Kegel balls are the weights. Yes, lovers, even your vagina could use a trip to the gym.

There are a few different types of Kegel exercisers on the market such as Ben Wa Balls, Kegel bars, crystal eggs, etc. The nice thing about these K-Balls is they offer what sex educator OhMegan calls "A party in your pants". The K-Balls feature a ball/weight within each ball, and these weights shake with each movement you make. While this shaking can be entertaining for some and a downright good time for others, the main perk behind the K-Ball system is that the shaking may automatically signal your muscles to tighten with little to no effort of your behalf. Essentially, they are the lazy person's vaginal exercise machine.

So how did the K-Ball Mafia unite? On a Tuesday where we usually walk the cliffs for a healthy dose of gossip and exercise, one mention of the possibility for stronger orgasms brought all of my girls to Pure Pleasure to purchase a K-ball set of their own.  Someone decided to put two and two together, and we ventured out on the walk while K-Balling, creating my own personal assembly line of sex toy reviewers.

Mile one was a piece of cake. Once the K-balls were in, I barely even noticed they were there. Eventually, even the shaking of the weights ceased to phase me. That is, until mile 2 when some hilarious story sent my body into uncontrollable laughing spasms, and K-Ball #1 started to pop out. Keep in mind we were in broad daylight on a busy street, so I called for the K-Ball Mafia to surround me as I attempted to put the ball back in its rightful place. I guess I tend to push or thrust in the genital region every time I laugh...?? For the record, the same thing happened last Tuesday to one of my girlfriends. She was still rocking her K-balls when we went bowling after our usual walk, and a rather intense laughing fit made her face turn beat red, and next thing we knew she was running for the bathroom to save her K-balls from falling onto the freshly polished floor.

I have also experienced a K-Ball malfunction while walking down an extremely steep hill. Again, I'm not sure if this is an accurate assumption, but perhaps my muscles tend to lose focus on my genital region during this process. And beyond K-balling for PC strength, I also have friends who swear by the K-Balls as an amazing G-spot massager. Something about one ball in and up on the G-spot, and a light push-and-tug motion...Still a work-in-progress on my behalf.

Overall, from my experience it is safe to say that the K-Balls can be worn comfortably while walking/moving around on flat ground while maintaining a very serious face. Leave your fun-loving, witty friends at home and K-Ball it with a pack of dry-humored acquaintances instead. Either that, or be sure to Kegal walk with other like-minded individuals who have no problem blocking you as you stick your fingers up inside of you in broad daylight. I prefer the latter option, thank you very much.

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