Free Clips from "Naughty Knots" with Rain Degrey

August 06, 2010 1 min read

If you missed out on Rain Degrey's "Naughty Knots" class last June, you're in luck because we filmed the entire class! While the 2 hour lesson has been cut down into a number of 2 or 3 minute clips, there is still plenty of informational material, as well as an abundance of eye candy for the taking. Even if you are not into rope play, I guarantee at least one of the following reasons will leave you begging for more:

1. Learning about sex from Rain Degrey, a tall, lean, blond beauty fully equipped with what she calls a "sodomy 6-pack".

2. Putting your old Girl Scout/Boy Scout skills back to work.

3. Watching Jack Hammer, SF-based porn star, get tied up.

4. Jack Hammer's anaconda cock.

5. Jack Hammer's anaconda cock in a cock sling.

6. Sexy chest harnesses'

7. Thinking of buying a boat? "Naughty Knots" apply to sailors, too...

8. You have been dabbling in rope play for a while and are looking to add a few more tricks up your sleeve.

9. You are new to rope play and want to learn some basic knots.

10. Did I mention Jack Hammer's anaconda cock?

Click below to watch a clip:

NaughtyKnots: Basic Wrist Tie

Or here to watch more in the video section of our website. If the clip you are looking for is not available, check back as we will be adding more shortly.

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