Looking for a (sexy) New Year's Resolution?

January 05, 2011 2 min read

As some of you may already know, this year I'm choosing to keep my real New Year's resolution private. Yes, I realize this makes me a bit of a tease.  I will say this much: if it had anything to do with sex, never ever in a million years would I keep it to myself ;).

Personally, I don't really need the start of a new year to set goals towards enhancing my sex life. I'm already doing this everyday. And as the seasons change, so will my sexual self, and the need for betterment will continue.  With that said, kudos to you if your New Year's Resolution for 2011 follows the underlying premise of "be the best lover you can be". Or perhaps you want to set goals for improving your sex life, but need a bit of help. So here are a few ideas from my life-long Sexy Resolution Arsenal. By all means, do with them as you please...

Vow never to fake an orgasm (ever again). Because seriously, who is this helping?

Venture outside the box and try new things (suggestions include kink and anything anal)

Dedicate time to your sensual self everyday. Whether it be daily Kegel exercises or self-loving (AKA wanking yourself ;)), create a sexy ritual

Give yourself that toy you've always wanted. You deserve it!

Expand your sexual repertoire. Learn a new sexy trick. Take a sex-ed class, read a book, or watch an instructional DVD

Relax, let go, and focus on the present

Try to be more of a giver

Or for some, try to be more of a receiver

Be on the safer end of the safer-sex continuum. No more slip-ups. Take charge of your sexual well-being. Condoms, condoms, condoms (if this applies)

Take care of your sexual health. Get tested! Don't skip your annual exam. And if anything seems "off", check in with your doctor

Vamp up your sexual confidence. Take an empowering class such as "Female Dominance" or "The Art of the Lap dance". Go out and buy some new sexy lingerie- and actually wear it! Gents, you may want to splurge on some new chonies of your own ;)

Make your sex-life a priority. Whether you just want to be more mindful of it, or you want to have more of it, try to focus more energy into your sexual self

Or perhaps make your sex-life less of a priority. Try to focus  on the connection between you and your partner as opposed to the sex you may be having with them

Aim for non-goal-oriented sex. Look into Tantraand other Eastern sexual practices. If you take one thing from these ideas, let it be that you will focus on the journey instead of the final destination

Feel free to add or comment.

Besos ;)


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