HeyFatChick and SlutWalk

June 23, 2011 4 min read

2 things you ABSOLUTELY must check out:

A. http://heyfatchick.tumblr.com/ (just because it's an awesome site dedicated to real, curvy women)

B. SlutWalk (websites differ depending on your area)

This picture would have come in handy during one very charged Facebook debate after I re-posted the following quote (via hiohmegan on tumblr) last May:

Anyone talking is asking to be interrupted.

Anyone carrying money is asking to be robbed.

Anyone eating is asking to choke.

Anyone drinking is asking to be drugged.

Anyone walking is asking to be tripped.

Anyone with a face is asking to be punched.

Anyone with a heart is asking for a heart attack.

Anyone with arteries is asking for an aneurysm.

Anyone not wearing a breastplate is asking to be stabbed.

Anyone not wearing a bulletproof vest is asking to be shot.

Sally: Amen sister!

Sara: good point!

Felix: So that gives the excuse to ignore reality that provocitive attire may sometimes attract violent intent? But this is America right the illusion of nothing can happen to me and the world revovles around me right? Just saying

Felix:And what about all of the women around the world kidnapped trafficked and abused because of it. So in short it's take no responsibility for one self but blame someone else ? That's what I'm getting from all this

Me: Are you really implying a correlation between a woman's attire and sex trafficking?

Felix: No what I'm saying is it is typical American programing. To think and be suprized that your attire in public may cause a reaction you don't like. As if the world is like tv. To ignore the subliminal mesaging that even porn promotes is typical. Life isn't some preety play ground were nothing can happen to ppl. ( a fish bowl) it's easy if you don't want the attention like that then be responsable and keep it in a time and place that's all

Me:We are not talking about attention, my dear. We are talking about rape.

Felix:It's the same thing it all deppends on the agressor and his whilling to go through with it sweety. I could take you to some places and show you but like I said typical American programing. Don't get me wrong you all look amazing and beautiful. But the fact remainds it's like swimming with sharks and thinking they won't bite lmao there's no logic it sounds like a happy eneding movie

Lisa: I think that there is such a thing as a desire for control and combined with sexual repression and/or agression may cause a sexual predator or a rapist to force a woman against her will. I don't think it has anything to do with the way someone dresses-that is really close minded and none of us are psychologists, so none of us can really say why

Felix: So let me see if I get this. The fact that around the WORLD and even America. There are such things as rapest. It's easy for one to say dress provocative doesn't attract rapest and I'll minded ppl or even a derogetory comment from a testosterone drivin male couldn't happen. Really even understand how everything on the tv has something to do with sex and your saying that wouldn't happen to drive a indavidual to rapeing someone who is obviously whilling to temp others by showing more? What about the women who been raped? What do they have to say?

It's this illusion of safty that let's you dress provocitive the illusion of it couldn't happen to me. If you want to buy into that illusion then there are laws put in place to prevent that. Because others who buy into the illusion are more scared than anyone and think they are doing the right thing like momy or daddy( a protective mommy and daddy) because ppl don't want resposability and will remain sheep. Hence sheep and wolves.


Me: Question…What about the thousands of women who have been raped who were not wearing “provocative clothing”?


Felix: That’s a good question. Just look around you. And see in the media and movie and magazeens shit almost everything you have to be like this or have this or sex in itself. Looking at this and understanding men who obsess with it and are negleted from it because of standers I mean you would have to at least see why. It’s sad for a woman to have to live in a place that breeds the chaos in itself.
And looking at porn , trust me 8 months no girl in site and chap dick from to much porn you can see how woman are really degraded to some sort of abuse in a very conting and amazing natural experiance. To were they have to continued to be over powered and looked down on I mean let’s be real here
Or better yet if your dressed like an American in SOME countrys you could get your head chopped off. Now to ignor that would just equal to the same as dressing provocitve in some areas around the us could end up in a night of gangbangs from uncle Tom and is six homless friends.


Me: I agree that media plays a huge role in the way we view/act towards women. But I do not believe that just because men see it and “obsess with it and are neglected from it” does this lead them to become a rapist. This way of thinking is passive and ignorant, and allows the rapist to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Rape is about power, and an individual with the intention to rape has motives that are deeply rooted far beyond how they view women/how they see them in the media.
Lastly, let’s revisit the initial example here…I’m pretty sure American media is constantly reiterating the idea that wealth is supreme, maybe causing some to “obsess” over it or feel “neglected” from it. But you wouldn’t say “Well, you were asking for it because you were carrying money” to someone who was just robbed, now would you?


Note- The conversation continues on with more charged dialog via another female and Mr. Felix, including lovely topics such as The Jersey Shore vs. the news, and "Eat shit and kill yourself"...



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