Sex Toys as Gifts: Is There Such Thing as Too Much?

October 10, 2011 2 min read 4 Comments

Customer opinion (and a valid one at that):

"I ran this past your Mom the other evening at First Friday, so probably not a good time to have a real discourse.  I have been with my boyfriend for two years and our sex life is pretty exceptional, yahoo,  but gift giving for his family is tough.  They are in my opinion not good givers or receivers.  My family, is just the opposite.  So it has been tough to back off and not gift give when you saw something that you thought the other would love, all the time!!

Anyway, I had high hopes for this last birthday in July. I had received a toy and lingerie for xmas just for a little background. Cool!  B Day rolls around and yes nice hotel and night out planned but, he whips out the Pure Pleasure bag and a toy (the Rabbit, wayyy too noisy , and I LOVE my toys BTW) and no card or gift wrapping.

My point was, if you give a gift of toy (bring them on) please do not do them for every special occasion (it can be for the special Tuesday or October Day or Bike day or random fun...) unless it is in addition to a necklace wrapped around the Rabbit :)  Because you cannot, in most people's cases share with your mom or son, if asked "What did X get you for your birthday?" And I cannot lie :)

So, just saying you are in a perfect position to suggest to the men, "It is my understanding that your woman would undoubtedly enjoy this toy but maybe to enhance this (anniversary, 50th Bday, ) a small, less specifically sexual intimate gift showing your love for her might be nice, too.

He does not know how to gift, or his ex sucked at receiving or the whole family finds receiving awkward (which I find sad)...anyway as a sex retailer you are in a perfect position to help the awkward gift giver. And frankly what is more fun than giving gifts?"

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Michael A. Moran
Michael A. Moran

October 12, 2011

Great post. Important topic.

There’s an idea for a class. Gift giving. I was terrible at it when I was in my early twenties. Later I figured it out and have continued to get better over time. Although I still goof one up every now and then.



February 12, 2013

I totally agree. I received a very nice glass dildo as a gift from my cousin as a thank you for encouraging her to visit a sex shop for the first time in her life. Well, of course, it was GREATLY appreciated but we are both smart enough not to pull out such gifts in front of other family members and say “Hey, look at what I got for Xmas.” There is a time and place for all things, as stated by Ecclesiastes, and that includes rules around giving sex toys as gifts.


October 10, 2011

Amen to that!


October 11, 2011

I completely agree with this post! My partner brought me a vibrator for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Personally I thought it was a great present!

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