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November 09, 2011 2 min read 1 Comment

Wondering asks:

My girlfriend and I have a wonderful sex life but I believe that when I cum in her mouth or on her she would like to see more volume. I have read about some volume enhancing supplements on the web but am very leery to buy these as often they are a scam. Do you have any suggestions for how to increase volume?

Dear Wondering:

I must admit, I really don't know anything about the volume-enhancing supplements for increasing the size of your load. One thing I do know is that your ejaculate consists of a numerous compounds from a few different areas of the male reproductive system, so I think it would be very unlikely for a non-prescription pill to up your load.

With that said, here are a few fun facts about male ejaculate:

1. The average man produces about 1/2 to a full teaspoon of ejaculate per load.

2. The more often you ejaculate, the more likely you are to have thinner, watery ejaculate.

3. Boys who have yet to go through puberty produce only a few drops of ejaculate. And as men get into their old age, they also start to produce less ejaculate.

4. While sperm comes from the testicles, they actually only provide under 1% of the contents of each ejaculation. Ejaculate also consists of fluid from the Cowper's Glad, the Prostate (around 20%), and the Seminal Vesicles (around 70%).

So with all of these fun facts, I'd say the best way to up the volume of your ejaculate is to:

A. Ejaculate less often. And if you want less ejaculation but with just as many orgasms, perhaps it's time to learn the ways of the Multi-Orgasmic Man (where men learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation).

B. Experiment with prostate play. Orgasms involving prostate stimulation are often more intense, and can produce what people consider a gush rather than a little spurt. I recommend incorporating one of the Aneros toys or the Njoy P-Fun into your playtime. You can have one of these in while you carry on with your usual playtime activities, and when you orgasm, you may feel an extra pleasurable sensation as your body contracts the toy against your prostate.

For more information, you can also check out The Guide to Getting it On. This is like the college kid's sex bible, with an entire chapter dedicated to ejaculate called Semen Confidential ;)

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November 14, 2011

Great blog, Amy. I am going to share this and your fab store in Santa Cruz with my friends and fans! Thanks so much, chica.

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