Urine In My FeJac?

April 03, 2012 2 min read

Sploosh Asks:

Soooo I am one of those girls that squirts…a lot. People tell me its sexy, but I am worried because it can be smelly. Sometimes it smells like urine, so I started making sure to always pee before having sex. Its totally not sexy “Ooh baby you’re making me so hot. Just hold on while I take a piss.” Sometimes that works, but sometimes I don’t think it does. And the worst part is that we have to sleep in it. We have super hot sex, get the bed all wet, and then it’s just all smelly. It gives me a headache and makes me embarrassed. Is it urine mixing with my juice? Am I just peeing the bed? Or is it like boy jizz and what you eat changes the taste/smell, like coffee and beer?

Dear Sploosh:

Is there urine in your FeJac? Maybe. After all, we are talking about a fluid that is coming out of the urethra. And if you're squirting, or as is more commonly the case, gushing via pressure on the g-spot, this pressure may carry over to the bladder as well (think of the bladder and the g-spot as neighbors in a duplex sharing a wall).

With that said, FeJac does happen for many women without any traces of urine. So what is it exactly? FeJac is a fluid that comes from a gland similar to that of the male prostate, and contains enzymes that are similar to prostatic fluid. Because FeJac contains low urea, it usually smells less than urine, and it also stains less. And as is the case for most of our body fluids, the taste and smell can change depending on what you eat.

Want to be make your flowing feminine fountain experience as pleasurable and stress-free as possible? Here are a few quick tips:

1. Eat healthy. Don't smoke cigarettes. Avoid consuming anything that would make your urine smell before playtime (asparagus, coffee, etc.)

2. Empty your bladder before playtime

3. Lay down a nice waterproof blanket, such as the Fascinator Throe. These sexy blankets have a protective water-proof layer in between soft fur/microfiber and cooling satin. You can pour an entire glass of water on these puppies and it won't leak through. And the best thing is you can throw it in the wash when you're done!

Not into splurging on one of these blankets? Towels work, too!

4. If you live in Santa Cruz, come to our "Female Ejaculation and the G-spot" class TONIGHT! Deborah Sundahl, the queen of FeJac will be here to teach the in's and out's of squirting, gushing, and G-spot play. Can't make it to her class? Check out her book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, or even one of her DVD's

5. Embrace your feminine fountain. Not all women have learned how to do it, and many may even envy your ability to flow. Furthermore, as you said before, plenty of folks think it's SUPER hot. So squirt away!

Hope this helps!


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