Lollie Answers: Fetish and Race Play

May 01, 2012 1 min read

Mark Asks:

I'm a tall, good looking, successful single guy living in the Santa Cruz area.   While I have no problem connecting with women, I have a cuckold fetish that gets in the way of long term relationships.  Specifically, seeing my significant other with Black men really, really turns me on.   Am I wrong  assuming this fetish is enjoyed mostly by white men or are more women becoming more comfortable with this kind of relationship?  

Dear Mark:

Everyone has their own fetishes and turn-ons, so I cannot generalize about one specific fetish when individuality plays such a huge role in each person's experience. Some men will find your fetish super sexy, while others may not. The same goes for women.

With that said, I like to believe that our culture is growing more open and accepting of the many forms of sexuality, so there's a good chance you can find a few women who are into your cuckold fetish. Check out and look in the groups and discussions to find a whole community that has the same fetishes as you.

Have fun!


About Lollie: Lollie is a Pure Pleasure employee and educator,  kink advocate, and a redhead with a personality to match

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