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June 12, 2012 3 min read 1 Comment

Red Asks:

I'm thirty-six with not much experience with toys. I like having sex, and can have a rollicking good time especially if I'm on top.

I can tell that my vj just isn't up to it's old tricks since having a baby, and time is not healing old wounds here. I just can't grip like I used to!

So one night on the internet, I bought an Intensity by Jopen. The instructions were so lame for something touted to work miracles.

I've tried it out - and I really don't understand what's going on. I'm def not having any orgasms! is there a trick to this? And the vibrating part? what's that supposed to do except be loud?


Dear Red:

Cheers to you for taking an active roll in enhancing your sexual health and well-being. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm the best resource when it comes to explaining the Intensity by Jopen as this is not something we've decided to carry in our store, but I have done a bit of research on this product, so here goes nothing... ;)

The idea behind the Intensity is that - via electro-stimulation - this "toy" will do all the work for you while simultaneously providing pleasurable vibrations. Just sit back and relax and insert the device vaginally while the little shock waves induce automatic kegels. And because you can feel the shocks, you are receiving feedback in that you are actually making progress in exercising your PC muscles (as opposed to doing kegels manually, where many women find it difficult to even feel these muscles in the first place).

In terms of the vibrating aspect of the Intensity, I assume they are there to assist in relaxation as well as increase pleasure and quite possibly orgasm. Most women are having their orgasms from clitoral stimulation, so perhaps try angling the Intensity so the most powerful part of the vibrating area is on your clit. And as for the kegel-inducing shock waves, while I like the idea of a toy/device providing feedback, I'm a little hesitant about the electro-stimulation aspect. While I can't say I have firsthand experience in testing this toy as a kegel exerciser, I have felt the shock waves while holding my hand around the rod, and I would imagine that - unless you are a masochist or a pain slut - it may be hard to relax (if not downright uncomfortable) with this thing working your vag like a Drill Sargent at boot camp.

If this is the case, there are a number of other shock-free toys on the market that provide feedback while working the PC muscles and cost hundreds of dollars less than the Intensity. There are kegel bars and wands, and if you are able to contort your body to get the right view, you can actually see the bar/wand move with every clench. Another option is the Evi by Aneros, which works similar to the bars and wands, but has an ergonomic design for more comfort. Plus if you add a wand-style vibrator to the exposed tip of the Evi, you now have one pleasurable kegel exerciser! And lastly, as a D.I.Y. kegel exerciser option, try inserting a finger vaginally while doing your clenches, using your finger as a kegel bar/wand for instant feedback.

Good luck!



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Michael A. Moran, PhD.
Michael A. Moran, PhD.

June 12, 2012

What no vaginal cones? No ben-wa balls? Only suggesting things you actually sell?

The problem with TENS (trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) devices like Intensity is they disconnect YOU from the process. Which is exactly what you don’t want. You want to be able to feel and control your muscles. The muscles will get stronger with TENS, but you will not necessarily be in any better control of them than you were before. Consequently they may not respond to your own arousal or to stimulation as you might expect given their greater strength.

YOU need to do the exercises. There’s no free lunch. Barbells work well, as do vaginal cones and ben-wa balls. Start with larger devices and work toward smaller ones. It doesn’t take all that long for the effects to be seen/felt. Having difficulty motivating yourself? Put your partner in charge for these exercises. They benefit too.

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