Lollie Answers: (Anal) Hair Removal 101

June 20, 2012 3 min read 3 Comments

Getting Smooth Asks:

I want to talk hair removal! I have been shaving the ole' Twig and berries for some time now and have recently found a need to make my back door just as smooth. However after shaving the back yard area it became quite irritated... :-/ Remembering back to the good old days I used to rash up something fierce when first started shaving my man bits. So here's my question (finally): what in your infinite wisdom is the best way to remove hair around your anus and cheeks at home? I prefer a home method as I don't really want to pony up the $80 something for the full back door treatment at the spot I'm told is the only place to go by my female friends for a waxing.  But if that's the best then I can't really see doing any other way...

Dear Getting Smooth:

Anal hair removal is tricky because the area is constantly being rubbed and it tends to stay moist. Often what irritates fresh-shaved skin is friction because when you remove your hair, you also remove a layer of skin, leaving the area tender. No matter what method you use you will probably be itchy as the hair grows in, which will prompt you to scratch (more irritation). That said, one of the best at-home methods for hair removal in the beautiful butt region is shaving. It is the easiest and least painful method. If you use new razors it may help with the later razor burn. And you want to shave in the same direction that the hair is growing, not the opposite! Shaving in the same direction helps to reduce irritation, and this is especially important on sensitive bits. Using ample cream or some other shaving lubrication is also going to help. Electric razors are also a great option as they do all of the work for you while reducing the risk of cutting your skin.

Another method of hair removal, as you mentioned, is waxing. When done correctly, waxing the area can be very effective. The hair grows back softer and thinner. The drawbacks to waxing are the pain and the extra initial irritation. Because you are ripping the hair out of the follicle, the hair must grow back completely, increasing the chance of ingrown hairs. You can get a wax-at-home kit, but I will say that waxing down south is very difficult to do on yourself.

The most critical part of sensitive hair removal is not the method, but the aftercare. There are products that can be applied post-hair removal to help with pore problems and sensitivity issues. One product that I’ve found to work pretty well is PFB. You use the roll-on applicator after you do your hair removal and it helps with the reduction of bumps later on. This product will only work to a certain extent, the rest is just careful care. Don’t wear tight clothes that you know rub you in a way that might bother your skin and make sure you are extra kind to your butt while you’re still sensitive!

Best of luck with the hairless butt!


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July 04, 2012

Which place(s) perform this, and related, services? Or how does one find & ask them?

Getting Smooth mentions, above, there is “…the only place…” that will perform the full backdoor treatment – well, what is that location? Or how does one find locations? Is it reasonable to ask any waxing studio offering Brazilians to their female clients if they also wax nether regions for men?

(would this serve better as a separate post?)



July 05, 2012

Hi Scott. In terms of the “manzilion”, a lot of waxing places do not offer these services as it is a very intimate (and challenging) practice. Especially when it comes to removing hair from the testicles. But if you are just looking for a backdoor wax job, you may have better luck. I would call a salon that offers full Brazilians and ask if they offer brazilians for men but that you are only looking for the backdoor treatment.

Michael A. Moran
Michael A. Moran

June 20, 2012

You might try a few drops of silicon lube on the skin after you shave. It’s very slippery and doesn’t soak into the skin. Keeps that skin on skin irritation away.

Waxing does have the advantage that fewer hairs grow back each time.

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