Sex Toy Review: X On the Lips Buzzing Balm

November 21, 2012 2 min read

I first tried X On the Lips at the ANME show in LA last July, and I remember being very skeptical as I was being persuaded to test out this product. I've tried many a warming/tingling balm in my day, and I have yet to see something that really stood out as a new, innovative product. X On the Lips promised to make my lips buzz while increasing attraction via added pheromones. While I have yet to see an accredited study proving all humans are equipped with the ability to pick up on synthetic pheromones, I am curious about the thought of leaving a buzzing feeling upon kissing my lover's lips. And my inner perv was even MORE curious about how this may affect that of other sensitive bits ;)

So I took a sample and tried it on my lips, politely thanked the kind people from Sensuva, and carried on my merry little way. And then two minutes later - BAM - my lips were vibrating. Yes, VIBRATING, I tell you! It felt like they were pulsating in a way that I had never felt before. And it was oddly pleasurable - not in the orgasmic sense - but very...satisfying. AND it lasted for 10 minutes! Once it started to wear off, I found myself wanting more. I was hooked!

Convinced I had discovered one of the most groundbreaking products of 2012, I set out to share the vibrations with the world. X On the Lips made it's first appearance at a 16 person cuddle puddle (all on one king-sized bed!), and was passed around throughout the night. These people couldn't get enough of this stuff! Someone even cut off a huge portion to take back to their hotel room, resulting in us running dry by the end of the night. Upon reflecting on our experience with this product, the general consensus was that it was comparable to some kind of high; a brief stimulating, entertaining, energizing, SATISFYING high you wanted to last forever.

Dangerous addiction, you may be thinking? If you are referring to the ingredients in this product, they are all-natural, with cinnamon oil as the primary buzzing agent. But as a new-found chapstick addiction turned party favor? That's a different story...

Highly recommended. But don't say I didn't warn you ;)

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