Amy Answers: Cannabis Use For Better Sex?

August 20, 2013 2 min read

LocalKrush Asks:

Can you give me your opinion on using cannabis to enhance sexual experiences... Is it good or bad to toke before you poke? :)

Dear LocalKrush:

Good? Maybe. Depends on the individual/s. Bad? Probably not. Unless you're talking about the legalities around cannabis use, in which case, I have no comment ;)

I've read studies that claim marijuana actually inhibits orgasm in men. And yet I've heard numerous folks say quite the opposite. Some men say their sex drive does diminish whilethey are high (as does the motivation/drive to do plenty of other things that are considered physical/"productive"), but their orgasm and sexual functioning remains unaffected.

Within the Tantra community, many men and women alike claim that cannabis use actually helps people obtain a deeper, more connective sexual experience, often resulting in intense, prolonged, full-bodied orgasms such as multiple and/or energy orgasms. With that said, I know a few women who probably don't even know what Tantra is, and yet they are firm believers in cannabis as one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs around. I'm talking about women who do not necessarily resonate with the idea of sex as a vessel for spiritual awakening, but say that their best, most mind-blowing orgasms were while under the influence of cannabis. Pretty convincing stuff.

So moral of the story: To each their own. Different strokes for different folks. Everything in moderation...? :)

Want more info? If you're in the Santa Cruz area, we actually have a great class coming up, "Exquisite Bliss: Tantric Sex in Relationships", taught by Dee Vee Marie, a cannabis advocate for sexual awakening. Word on the street is Annie Sprinkle will also be at Pure Pleasure in late October with a class on energy orgasms (which may or may not be limited to female-identified folks only). So stay tuned...!!!



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