Sex Toy Review by Jessie: Laid K.1 Kegel Balls

September 25, 2014 2 min read

A smart, design-centric set of kegel balls, the Laid's K.1 are similar to traditional Ben Wa balls in that they are heavy yet compact, and require a more active clench. However, with the K.1you can choose from using 1-4 balls at a time, so you can start with a lighter weight and then work your way up. They also stay connected so you don't have to worry about "losing" them inside of you (which is physically impossible, but a valid concern). The set comes with 4 balls total- 2 black weighing in at 15grams(0.53oz), and 2 pink weighing 36grams(1.27oz) each. When all are magnetized, the entire set weighs about 102grams (3.6 oz).

These four little balls are made from steel and coated with a smooth and velvety silicone. The material and size makes them very easy to insert. For more ease and comfort, add a little water-based lube, such as Good Clean Love's Organic Almost Naked lubricant. The soft silicone also protects the steel core so you don't have to worry if they accidentally pop out and hit the floor :)

A few thoughts on the magnetic feature: Instead of using a multi-piece set where you move from one set of weights to another, you have everything you need in one package! You can start with one ball and then choose to add more weight as you acquire more muscle strength, with a total of eight different combinations to work up to. And because the K.1's connect via magnets, they are also flexible, forming to your body's natural shape.

There is one drawback to the magnetic feature: Be sure to connect them before you insert! I learned the hard way one day when I decided to pop a second ball in after having a pretty easy time with one. Ouch! I got pinched! Now I make sure to magnetize before insertion :)

Other than that, highly recommended!

  -Jessie, Pure Pleasure Staff Member


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