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June 25, 2015 2 min read

Our FREE eBook, The 5 Pure Pleasure Principles for Great Sex,is now available! Sign up above or on our homepage to receive your copy!

Sneak peak from the book:

As Sexuality Educators, while we hear a variety of questions related to sexual health and wellbeing, there seems to be a common underlying theme:

“I want MORE!

More connection, more intimacy, more passion, more orgasm, more arousal, more desire.

But I don’t know where to start. How do I ask for what I want? And will my partner be open to giving it to me?”

Sound familiar?

Most people experience some form of “lack” or “dissatisfaction” off and on throughout their sex lives. And yet despite the commonality of these experiences, many folks often feel like they are at a loss at finding resolution for such intimate concerns. As Sexuality Educators working in a warm and welcoming pleasure boutique, we are often the first stop for those seeking answers to these questions. Not only have we been educated in sexual health and wellbeing, we have also been on (and are very much still going through) our own journeys of sexual exploration and self-discovery - giving us understanding on both practical and personal levels.

From these experiences with our customers, some of whom are just like you, dear reader, we have compiled a list of five “guiding principles” to assist you in your journey towards more passion, connection, and intimacy for the deeply fulfilling sex life you have always wanted.

Diversity is important to us, and while we try to speak inclusively, we also understand that everything we say here may not speak directly to you. Therefore, we invite you to pick and choose the ideas that feel comfortable within your own unique erotic landscape...




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