December 16, 2016 3 min read

If you own a clitoris, meta, or any variation thereupon; and you are dissatisfied with the cutesy, pastel-colored, flower-donning, vibrating & aerostimulating toys out there... Look no further! Trans performer and porn producer Buck Angel has a special treat just for you. Introducing the Buck Off, the first-ever toy made for trans bodies, by someone who himself has a trans body.  Welcome to the land of beating your meat, stroking, and jerking it… Sort of.

So, what is the Buck Off? Functionally, it is very similar to masturbation sleeves released by other companies with the penis-owning man in mind. In particular it has a similar feel to the Tenga Egg. Buck Off is a soft, solid-black, SilaSkin sleeve; vaguely phallic in shape (and vague enough that hey, it doesn’t have to be a penis if you don’t want it to be.) It also has a textured (ribbed) interior. It can be used with or without lube. If you do choose to use lube, you’ll want to use water-based or hybrid lubricant with this bad boy – Stay away from oils and silicone. In terms of maintenance, it is easy to care for and the material is pretty sturdy if you take care of it. SilaSkin, like elastomer, does get a little sticky after washing, but you can restore it to its out-of-the-box sheen with a touch of corn starch.

Buck Angel’s description of the toy says it’s for transitioning bodies, “but may still be usable for some people with an enlarged clitoris.” Not the most inclusive, but hey – Buck is a binary trans guy, and freely admits to operating on the assumption that most trans folks looking at this toy are or will be interested in transitioning (whether through surgery or hormones.) It is here that I have to include a disclaimer, at the risk of TMI: I definitely do not have a T-cock, or anything resembling one. I have never taken hormones. All the anatomical “equipment” I possess is home-grown, unaltered, and, dare I say it, pretty darn average in terms of size. Given my anatomy and that Buck Off is recommended for folks with at least an enlarged clitoris, I was excited but worried: Was this toy going to work for me?

If, as I did, you go to try it with the the same methodology in mind as the (penis-pleasing) masturbation sleeves you may be more familiar with, you will probably, like me, be 1. very confused about how this is supposed to work and 2. Pretty sad/disappointed. If this is you, fear not! Buck Angel actually has a (very NSFW) how-to video with a demonstration of (some of!) the ways to use it. The video is hosted by PornHub. Buck Angel himself says his video is a starting point, and not an end-all be-all “how to” on the toy.

As it turns out, the toy is pretty versatile! It can be used in a number of different ways. First, the feel of the material by itself is very nice on the gens. It’s silky-soft and not too squishy, yet not too rigid. Second, despite my fears of being “large” enough to make it work, I could actually feel the internal texture on my clit! It wasn't at all overwhelming, and I definitely didn’t get stimulation directly on the glans (which is a good thing, for a lot of us!) A third way that you can play is by creating a mild sensation of suction through squishing the air out of the toy and then fitting the clover-shaped opening over your clit. It’s just perceptible enough to be pleasant without being overpowering.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised. I could absolutely still use the toy even without an enlarged clitoris, and it gave me a good time, to boot. It didn’t wrench an orgasm out of me like some other toys on the market; but for me, that’s a plus point. It was just enough to get me there in the standard amount of time without being desensitizing or leaving me too sensitive to move on to other sexy activities. If you’re even vaguely curious about the Buck Off, I definitely recommend checking it out! At just $29.95, it’s a well-made, highly pleasurable, reasonably durable toy that won’t break the bank.

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