July 01, 2016 1 min read

Here's a fun little sexy-time hack for you handcuff lovers; You can turn your Submissive's cuffs into a collar. I know; what? You read that correctly! Of course, keep in mind, this little party trick only works for a certain level of handcuff - I'm talking about leather! You can turn your cuffs into a collar with three easy steps:

1) Unbuckle the cuffs

2) Place them at opposite ends of each other

3) Buckle them together into one, big, beautiful collar!

Your submissive will be radiant with ecstasy, embracing your bonding ownership. Feel the silky soft leather caress your fingertips as you wrap the faux or real fur lined cuff-turned-collar around your sub's neck. They will be embraced with soft fur and ready for your command! As an added bonus with leather cuffs like this, it not only provides opportunity to experiment and play with collar fun, but it also gives you the opening to make them into a bondage collar. That's right. Those extra rings on the outside of the cuffs in order to connect your sub's wrists or ankles can now do even more. The positioning possibilities are virtually endless!

Don't have a pair of these magically versatile wonders? Don't worry, we have everything you need...

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