March 27, 2017 3 min read

It's been a long road getting to know Sharevibe, but I'm glad I did! Sharevibe is one of Pure Pleasure's offerings in double-ended dildos. It incorporates Fun Factory's rechargeable bullet. At $129.95, it's not cheap, but with its medical-grade silicone and plastic construction, it's absolutely worth every penny for the quality, and you get a 2-year warranty for the vibrating components, to boot!

For members of the queer community, a few aspects of the Sharevibe make it attractive even at first glance. First, it's not penis-shaped. Not everyone wants to wear a phallus or be fucked by one! As an added bonus, the tapered shape of the penetrating end makes it great for anal exploration. Second, it has that nice ridge between the penetrating end and the "wearable" end, which has the potential to be offer really nice external stimulation as you grind or thrust, no matter your homegrown anatomy. The ridge also means it is safe to wear AND receive anally! Last but not least, due to the shape and sheer presence of the wearable piece, you can actually use it to jack off your G- or P-spot. As a gender-variant person with a finicky G-spot, this last part was what convinced me to take the plunge. I was ever so curious to see what "jacking off your G-spot" could do for my gender feelings and body. (Spoiler: It was great!......Once I figured out how to use the toy.)

There was just one particular hurdle I had to overcome to truly befriend my Sharevibe: The wearable half of the toy is SUBSTANTIAL. It is not small. Compared to our other top seller in this category, the Feeldoe, the total length of the wearable piece of Sharevibe is maybe twice as long, and it stays girthy as you go down the toy to where the wearable and fuckable pieces connect. Combined, these aspects made for a really hard time inserting the wearable piece without pinching, and I probably don't need to be the one to tell you that unexpected vaginal pinching tends to be a boner-killer. I'm not the only one, either: the size of the insertable piece is a really common complaint about the Sharevibe. 

"But wait," you might be thinking. "Didn't you say you like this toy? So far this seems like a really unpleasant experience." 
You're absolutely right, this toy is a winner. 

Here are some Life ProTips on how to have a successful experience with Sharevibe:
1. Lube. Copious lube. Preferably your longest-lived, most cushiony/plush lube, or one that stays where you put it. (My favorites are Sliquid Sea, Water Slide, and Slippery Stuff.)
2. You do not have to insert the whole length of the wearable piece all at once. It's easy with a toy this big to fall into the trap of doing too much too soon, and this was probably my most critical mistake. I repeat: Do NOT try to insert it all at once, especially if you are inexperienced in receiving larger toys. You can play with it half-inserted, and in fact, for me this was the key to inserting it fully. 
3. Work up to it. Bring on the foreplay! My most pleasurable experiences with the toy have been during sessions that I've been one or two orgasms into my play session before even thinking about inserting it. With that said:
4. You may find Sharevibe more enjoyable if you rub out a quick orgasm beforehand. This kind of pre-gaming is not required, but for many, orgasm helps the muscles downstairs relax and gain more pleasure from further activities (and avoid the terrible pinching!) It definitely doesn't hurt to give it a shot.

All in all, my Sharevibe has become a treasured part of my toy collection, both for solo play and for couples' play. If you're curious about strap-ons, pegging, prostate or G-spot play, alone or with a partner, I absolutely recommend it.

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