July 28, 2020 2 min read

How does one become a dick-sucking expert and Master Oralist? What is the art of sucking dick? And how can oral sex lead to empowerment? 

We also answer a sex question: My partner thinks oral sex is degrading...

Want to fast forward to the interview? Skip to minute 23. 

About our guest: Headusa Divine is a Master Oralist, Webcam Model, Self-Published Author and Content Creator. She is a Dick Sucking Expert and author of The Blowjob Handbook where she shares her experiences, techniques, and advice to help self-empower and improve within the art of sucking dick. Not only does she  focus on the physical aspects of sucking dick, she also incorporates the mental and spiritual aspects, because they are just as - if not - more important. Her goal in sharing her wisdom and experiences from entertainment & educational perspectives is to influence the fellatio culture as well as for you to learn new techniques & skills so that you are inspired to become your own Master Oralist. To learn more visit iamheadusa.com

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