December 08, 2020 2 min read

Why aren't people getting what they want in sex, intimacy, and relationships, and how can they change that? Monica Jayne AKA one of our FAVORITE sex and relationship coaches joins us to answer this and more. 

We also answer a sex question about bisexuality and non-monogamy. 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 15. 

About our guest: Dare To Be Unabashedly You™ is Monica Jayne’s slogan and the undeniable outcome you'll experience with her. 

She supports adults who have done lots of self-development but aren’t getting where they want to be in themselves, their relationships, and their life. They know there is more to life! Monica Jayne knows that at the foundation of not having what you want, is the fact that you’ve been told who and how to be your whole life. NOW, it’s time to resurrect your OWN voice and learn to listen to YOU! She guides you home to your own truth, authenticity, and voice so that you can speak up and be you. 

Monica Jayne has studied directly with vulnerability expert Brene Brown, mindset expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, relationship and polarity expert Alison Armstrong, sex expert Jaiya, and sexological bodywork creator Joseph Kramer. She has two college degrees, earned Magna Cum Laude in 2006, and certifications in the Erotic Blueprints™, Queer Competency, Accelerated Evolution™, Hatha Yoga, and forthcoming in Sexological Bodywork. Monica Jayne has supported 1000s of adults across 6 continents and 45 countries guiding them in deep shadow work and awakening to pleasure and joy to become their true selves. 

Because she wants everyone to feel safe to be who they are, she created a membership community for you that guides you into conscious authentic adulting and play called They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE and a process called Authentic Evolution™ - 7 steps for excavating your truth and knowing what you truly want. Both are available to you through her website.

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