March 02, 2021 1 min read


What can people do to overcome shame around sexuality that was given to them via religion? How do sexual and personal boundaries come into all of this? And why is the G-spot more than a spot? Melissa answers all this and more. 

We also answer a sex question about how to set up an all-day sex marathon. 

Also, come joins us for live sex questions and sex talk on the Clubhouse App Thursday 3/4 at 8pm PST! Here is the link:

About our guest: Melissa Hite is the founder of Higher Sex Education where she does one-on-one coaching, teaches classes and workshops, and offers online courses. She's a sexual-spiritual advisor which means that she works holistically with clients to integrate all parts of themselves in practical ways. She is a wealth of wisdom from a unique blend of life experience and academic education.  Not only is she certified as a Holistic Sex Educator through The Institute of Sexual Education and Enlightenment, she's triple certified as a pole fitness instructor, has 15 years of massage therapy experience specializing in sports therapy and lymphatic therapy. She also spent 10 years working in Nevada's legal brothel industry and, believe it or not, was trained as a human cannonball with Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus.


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