October 25, 2022 1 min read

Repeat guest and Urologist Dr. Justin Dubin joins us once again to teach us all about the wonderful world of vasectomies. How do vasectomies actually work, and what does the procedure and healing process look like? Who should consider a vasectomy? What are the success rates? Are they bad for the body? What if someone wants to get their vasectomy reversed? What does this procedure and healing process look like, and what are the success rates? Oh, and is botox for the balls really a thing? Tune in for this fun episode to discover why Dr. Dubin is a huge fan of vasectomies (and we are too).

About our guest: Dr. Justin Dubin grew up in Wayne NJ and attended Johns Hopkins University for undergraduate school. He completed medical school at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson, his urology residency training at the University of Miami, and more recently his fellowship in Male Infertility and Sexual Medicine at Northwestern University. Dr. Dubin is a Men’s Health specialist at Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida. He's passionate about men’s health and education with the goal of improving both the lives of men and their partners. He has published multiple papers on both male infertility and sexual health, has been quoted in the NY Times, Insider, and Men’s Health and is the current co-host of the men’s health podcast Man Up: A Doctor’s Guide to Men’s Health.







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