December 06, 2022 1 min read

What is flirting? Is it just something single people do or can we flirt with our partners as well? What if someone feels like they are “bad” at flirting? How can they learn to become more confident and up their flirting game? What are some tips for flirting whether single or partnered? And how does non-sexual touch play into all of this?

About our guest: Euphemia is a full spectrum pleasure coach and bestselling author of Slow Pleasure

Their work aims to support people to flourish and feel pleasure. Even despite our collective crisis of pace and disconnection. They’ve been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, and multiple national radios and newspapers.

‘Slow Pleasure’ is both the name of Euphemia’s best-selling book and their theory of change. By learning to access the full spectrum of pleasure, drip by drip and microdose by microdose, people can feel their own aliveness and reestablish a nourishing connection to self, others, and the land. Euphemia understands pleasure and somatics to be a journey of creating moments to pause, listen and remember, rather than ‘fix’ or accumulate knowledge. To learn more visit

Euphemia's Instagram: Euphemia.russell

Euphemia's Tik Tok: @Euphemia


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