March 14, 2023 1 min read

Why is creativity and playfulness important in sex? What are "sex games" and how do they help inspire hotter sex? Can we play sex games with ourselves or only with our lovers? How can sex toys add more play into the mix? And what are the top five things most people should know about sex?

About our guest: Alice Child (she/her) is a Sydney based Somatic Sexologist, Sex Educator and Coach, certified with the Australian School of Somatic Sexology. She believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled sex life, and has a passion for opening up conversations, confronting taboos, and creating inclusive spaces free of judgment. She works with couples, individuals and groups, exploring diverse topics of sexuality, intimacy and pleasure.In 2020, she founded Vulva Dialogues to normalize conversations about sex and empower individuals to learn more about their bodies and sexual health. Vulva Dialogues has brought sex-positive workshops, talks, and events to thousands of people globally, working with companies such as Lover, Lucy Lube, NORMAL and Future of Sex. To learn more visit and her IG @vulvadialogues


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