June 03, 2024 1 min read

This was such a fantastic episode! Here's a direct link to the products the fabulous Melanie Rose talked about:

Under the Bed Restraints 

How did the fabulous designer Melanie Rose of Netflix's hit show How to Build a Sex Room become known as the “Mary Poppins of sex rooms”? How would someone know what kind of sex room would be the right fit for them, and what they lived in a small two bedroom apartment and have kids? Or a one bedroom or studio…can they make a sex room (or closet/trunk)? What is the purpose of couples making a "mood board" and how does it apply beyond building sex rooms? How can couples uncover their desires and fantasies to add more play and sexiness into the bedroom and beyond? What are some simple DIY ways people can sexify their spaces here and now? And what about sex rooms or toys/products for folks with disabilities? The one, the only, the talented Melanie Ruth Rose shares this and more.

About our guest: Melanie Rose was born and raised in London, England. She spent over a decade as a successful actress in theater and television. Since relocating to Los Angeles she has become a much sought-after interior designer. Alongside traditional design and renovations, she also specializes in creating “sacred spaces:” rooms, suites and areas dedicated to the sensual and erotic. She is the host, designer, and consulting producer of the wildly successful reality show on Netflix “How To Build A Sex Room”. To learn more go to http://melanieruthrose.com

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