February 11, 2020 1 min read

In this episode we learn all about erotic touch techniques and how to be a phenomenal hands-on lover. Christina also shares about the mysterious A-Spot, a powerhouse for pleasure!

About our guest: Curiosity is Christina’s driving force. Being born during the Soviet Era in a conservative household that never spoke about sex unless it was telling adult jokes gave her an insatiable appetite to dive deep in the world of sexuality.

She’s been studying sexuality for more than 14 years and she believes that the secret to the universe is between our legs. She’s traveled to over 60 countries speaking, giving workshops and learning from other great teachers.

She’s on a mission to bring sexuality out of the dark ages where our sexuality becomes the source of our peace and happiness instead of the source of our shame, guilt, trauma, pain, and anxiety.

To learn more visit confidentlovers.com


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