Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something... Blue?

May 13, 2017 4 min read

Hey folx! It's been an intense couple of weeks. First Friday was a blast - For the month of May, we are hosting a compilation of merkins, lovingly crafted by regular, down-to-earth people just like you - Some even within the comfort of our own little brick-and-mortar shop! Merkins have a really interesting history - We can talk about merkins, but for in this post, I wanted to talk about electrifying your sex life.

Yes, you read that right! Don't worry - No meat hooks or "weird" torture implements here. Let's talk about using electricity to get off! 

Truth be told, I have a healthy fear and respect of any electricity that may be added to one's body. Consequently, I have to cop to having been too chicken to talk about, let alone try out, electricity play. Recently, my coworker helped demystify these for me, and now I want to share what I found with you.

Electricity is a powerful mistress that both terrifies and..well...  electrifies - Funny, considering we demand to be plugged into it constantly - For food, for entertainment, and so much more. So, how does a person use electricity in a sexy setting, anyway?

At our store, we have two particular electricity-play products, and I want to talk about both of them because although they use the same basic principle - Electricity, of course - The sensations they create, and indeed the ways we should be safely playing with them, are drastically different. Before I introduce them, I want to give you just a couple of easy safety tips to ensure your play is fun and enjoyable.

1. Do you have a pacemaker?  If yes, please avoid electrical play - At least for now. More info on this in another post. 

2. Do you have a heart? Yes, cliche, I know. The thing is, your brain signals your heart to keep beating (and your body to keep living) using electrical signals - the very same as the ones that come out of your wall or, indeed, electricity-based toys. It's important to avoid disrupting those precious brain signals.
a) First, if using on your torso, keep your toys below the navel. 
b) Second, keep them below your collarbone
c) Third, don't pass electrical currents across the chest - From any direction. Some seasoned e-stim fans will tell you it's a lot of fun to do nipple stimulation with electricity, but for beginners, please stick to the basics. 
d) Last, electricity-based toys are not a great thing to use for pranking your friends or partner(s). Always get consent to show off your exciting new toys. 

Onto the two stars of the show: Neon Wand and Tickling Truman.
These represent two classes of electrical toy.

Neon Wand

Neon Wand is a type of violet wand. Neon Wand - as with other violet wands - are comprised of a wand half that conducts electricity, and one or more hollow glass piecesthat plug into the wand. The glass bits are filled with an inert gas. The wand sends an electrical signal into the glass, and the gas becomes supercharged, lighting up and coming alive with a distinctive buzz. The Neon Wand's glass lights up a delightful royal purple. The current can be turned up as high or down as soft as you want it: at its softest, you won't even feel it, and it can be turned up for sensations ranging from tickling all the way up to prodding and even sharp. 
Neon Wand is considered one of the more foolproof, safe electrical play toys. The stuff it puts out can be most closely likened to static electricity. If you turn it up and hold it away from your skin, you can even watch the sparks jump from your wand to your skin. It's a really cool experience! You can also find attachments for this that can be used with insertive toys, for an experience that will tickle you from the inside out. Neon Wand uses an A/C type current, which is one of the reasons it feels the way it does.

Tickling Truman

Tickling Truman
is a little different. Truman is a true "E-stim" toy, which means that it is running a current directly between two poles, rather than using static (which can be considered a less direct form of stimulation.) Tickling Truman is unique because it combines a vibrating motor with two plates (the electrical poles) that run along the shaft of the toy. Although it does vibrate, it's not a replacement for a traditional vibrator.

Tickling Truman uses D/C current, which is one of the reasons it feels more intense than the Neon Wand. One thing that direct electrical stimulation of your tissues means is that it penetrates deeper, accessing not just your outer layers of skin but even your muscles. Using Tickling Truman, you can stimulate a person's vaginal muscles to contract. With a some E-stim toys, you can even simulate hand sex, bringing climax to a person with nary a touch. 

If the sensation of the Neon Wand is more of a tickle or itch of static electricity, the sensation given by Tickling Truman was more like pins-and-needles, at least when I tested it out on my hand. Actually, Tickling Truman is a great choice for someone looking to stimulate and strengthen their pelvic floor - The e-stim function of the toy offers a kegel training mode, taking advantage of its capacity to stimulate muscle contractions.

With these items in mind, I hope your curiosity is piqued, as mine was! Click here to check out what Mystim has to say about Tickling Truman and electrostimulation play.

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