Better Sex In No Time

Better Sex In No Time

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A Fun and Sexy Guide for Long-Term Couples Packed with Tips, Tricks and Inspired Ideas.

How can every time feel like the first time? How do you create want and desire over and over again? One sexy thought, one kind gesture, one passionate kiss, one hot date at a time. Top sexpert Josey Vogels presents timed suggestions for flirting, sensual touch, intensified intercourse, and fulfilling long-held fantasies. You’ll never think of five minutes alone—or together—the same way again! With Josey’s hands-on guide to pleasure, we’ll all be having better sex in no time.

What You'll Learn Inside:
    How to sexually connect to your partner in three minutes or less
    Massage techniques to make your partner melt
    How to create more romance by paying attention to the little things
    The importance of self-pleasure (and learning new private tricks!)
    Tantric practices for busy couples

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