Tenga Spinner

01 Tetra Blue
02 Hexa Red
03 Shell Yellow
04 Pixel
05 Beads
06 Brick

Go FOR A SPIN! An all-new internal coil mechanism makes the SPINNER twist on insertion, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke!  Enjoy a unique sensation like none other.

A new revolutionary sex toy from Tenga is here, called the Tenga Spinner. Pleasure in a whole new form, challenging the boundaries of male toys. This is a Spinner that twists itself when used, enabling men to experience a whole new type of stimulation.

Very easy to clean and dry so maintenance is a breeze plus it comes with a one use lotion. A great transparent "crystal" toy for men!

PIXEL design - with stimulation that's like digital pixels, blocky and amazing as they relieve your stress.

BEADS design - with an amazing sensation of sliding into complex cavern of beads, which massage from all sides.

 BRICK design - with an amazingly complex interior that's like a complex crystal inside!