7-19-2019 Squirt Play

7-19-2019 Squirt Play

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7:00 - 9:00 pm

Tickets: $30 advance / $35 walk-in (Subject to space available)  

Squirting and gushing is just another way to experience pleasure and sensation. There are so many myths and misconceptions, but in the end, if you are intrigued or want to explore this experience, then follow that desire.

This workshop will share techniques and tools to give you confidence to explore a gushing, squirting, hot sexy scene. This workshop if perfect for you, if you have a vulva and vagina and want to masturbate your way to squirtdom, and if you want to pleasure someone who has one.

“Oh and, Squirt is NOT pee! Check out my blog about this if you need: www.iwishyouknew.net/squirting-blog

This will be an open discussion and class, with clothes on, hands off learning (no live demonstrations or nudity involved). Euphemia’s presentation is a mix of sex science meets kinky exploration through body awareness. You’ll also be sent workshop notes so you can practice your homework.

We’re going to dive into:

  • Dispelling myths and misconceptions
  • Pleasure physiology and knowing your sexy parts, for yourself or others
  • Preparation and helpful tools for the space and what’s to cum (get iiiit? Huh huh?)
  • The fine art of touch, manual sex, and fingering to get the juices going with PG rated demos
  • The best tools and toys to make you explode
  • How to stop squirting if it’s not the right time, place, or you want control over it
  • Some other sexy techniques to combine with squirting for some extra fun

*Please arrive prepared and on time to class, admittance will not be allowed 15 minutes after class start time.*


Instructor: Euphemia Russell is a Pleasure Educator and an impact advocate! She runs I Wish You Knew (@sex.iwishyouknew) to share practical pleasure info with adults in a super approachable and casual way. She is trained in Sex Education in California, and Trauma Informed Facilitation.

She nerds out on sharing the best communication tools, pleasure tips and toys, and 101 kink techniques. All so you can have a sweeeeeet time enjoying your sexuality in the way that feels best and most pleasurable for your body and identity. Simple as that. Her favorite is doing video session with clients to deep dive into particular info or experiences, and she also runs events around the world.

> Limited to 20 people, so get on it!
> The workshops are for people of all genders, sexualities, and bodies, and levels of understanding.
> This workshop is for adults 18+.
> No nudity, and no hooking up.
> The classroom is not wheelchair accessible, if there are other accessibility needs please contact Pure Pleasure at info@purepleasureshop.com

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