G Balls

G Balls

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We at Pure Pleasure love any opportunity to add a little buzz to our workout, and G Balls are the perfect way to take your kegels to the next level! These kegel balls vibrate in response to your body's movement, so you can literally feel when you're really working out down there. G Balls come with a smartphone app that can help you monitor and play along as your pelvic floor strengthens. Most people who know about kegels assume that they are only for vaginas trying to "tighten up." First of all, looser PC muscles are a sign of a life well-lived! And second, kegels are mostly amazing because they train your deep vaginal muscles to be more attentive and able to experience deep, long-lasting orgasmic bliss.

G Balls Include

  • Ultra sensitive pressure sensor
  • Multiple sensors to ensure accuracy of biofeedback
  • Splash‑proof material
  • Silicone unified body
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Wireless and low power consumption
  • Gballs² works in non‑app mode


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