Jade Egg - Real Nephrite Jade!

Jade Egg - Real Nephrite Jade!

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We love the Jade Egg by Polar Jade - made of REAL Nephrite Jade!

This yoni egg (jade egg) for kegel exercises is made of 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade, with sideway drilled hole at the smaller end of the egg. Made of 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade (Canada nephrite jade), without any chemical treatment or dyeing. Manually polished, with outstanding finishing. Comes with a packing pouch and certificate of authenticity.

Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that is heavier than most stones and harder than steel. The Jade is mined in Canada.

Color: light green, dark green, or black.
Because all of our yoni eggs are cut from 100% natural nephrite jade, there is always color variation. Actual yoni egg you received might not look the same as the one showed in the pictures above.

Large size (2.0x1.4 inch) (50x35mm)

Medium size (1.7x1.2 inch) (43x30mm)

Small size (1.4x1.0 inch) (35x25mm)


Benefits of yoni eggs

  • Strengthening vaginal muscles (love muscles), obtaining for stronger orgasms
  • Awakening your sexual energy, passion and libido.
  • Great for regaining muscle strength after childbirth
  • Helps to strengthen the bladder for greater control

Why nephrite jade for yoni eggs?

Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that helps amplify body's natural self-healing capacity. It is proven scientifically that nephrite radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on human body, especially on skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalizing.

Nephrite jade is particularly helpful for healing kidney, stomach, arthritis, bladder, joints and stiffness complains. The name "nephrite" is from Greek "nephros", which means kidney with reference to its benefits in treating kidney diseases. In Chinese culture, nephrite jade is considered the "one of Heaven".

The jade egg used in Taoist practice since ancient time was nephrite.

Nephrite jade is very dense and pure. Nephrite has a tightly packed interwoven fibrous structure that makes it very tough, strong and dense, preventing any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside.

Heavy & Hard: Nephrite jade is heavier than most stones because of its tightly packed structure. Nephrite is also very hard, even harder than steel. This makes it a perfect choice for yoni egg.

There are only 2 types of real jades: nephrite and jadeite. All other types of "jades" are not real jade.

If you want to know how to identify fake jade eggs, please refer to www.polarjade.ca

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