Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program

Love sex toys and looking for extra income? Who isn’t? We have a simple option for you. Pure Pleasure is inviting you to earn extra income with virtually no work on your part. Our affiliate program allows you to seamlessly refer people to our website, and you make a percentage of each transition. We handle everything…inventory, processing, credit card fees, website hosting, packing and shipping fees, etc. All you do it provide your clients or customers the link. That’s it! 


About Our Program
The Pure Pleasure Shop (PPS) Affiliate Program offers your visitors receive immediate access to the Pure Pleasure Shop website at

As a PPS affiliate, you receive:
20% commission on every sale.
30-day look-back for qualifying sales.

You will have your own login to the Refersion website, so you will be able to see, and print reports, for all the transactions from your customer referrals to our website. And you will receive a check each month!

Getting Started
Participating in the PPS Affiliate Program is easy! Click "Apply Now" and register through our affiliate program network, Refersion. Click here

After you complete the online application on the registration page, PPS will provide email approval through the Refersion network within 48 hours. Once approved, you will access your account and begin selecting links you wish to display on your website.

Visitors access PPS products through links and banners placed on your site. Customers are tagged with a cookie to signify referral from your site. When orders are placed within 30-days of the referral, your account is credited for a 20% commission.

Click here to get started and begin earning extra money today!

Questions? Call or email Janis at 831-566-5560 or