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10-26-17 Queer and Trans Sex

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7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

$15 advance/$20 at the door * 

Come learn and play with sex educator Jamie Joy in an explorative and engaging workshop on queer and trans sex! Are you thinking about trying something new? Do you want to practice communicating your needs and desires outside of heterosexuality? Is your partner(s) somewhere along the gender spectrum and it's time to learn how to love and honor their body kindly and safely?

Regardless of gender, orientation, relationship, or experience, this workshop is a brave space for you to discover new skills and perhaps something new about yourself! In just two hours, we will cover:
  • bodies & language
  • communication, negotiation, & building trust
  • trans-specific techniques & barriers
  • various forms of penetration & pleasure
  • toys, toys, toys
  • safer sex practices
  • resources, and more! 
Endless pleasure awaits once we give ourselves permission to open up and expand our understanding of sex and gender.

This class is primarily for queer and trans people, their partners, friends, and allies - please be mindful and respectful of the space!

Instructor: Jamie Joy is a colorful whirlwind of ideas and radiant optimism. Transplanted from Philly, Jamie is a passionate advocate for queer communities and a dedicated activist and educator. Since moving to California, they have gotten involved with various organizations in Santa Cruz County focusing on visibility, justice, and sexual health. Jamie is trained and certified through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information), works at Pure Pleasure, and is delighted to teach a class here for the queer and trans community!


*Subject to space available. Advance registration is recommended.