02-11-22 Shameless Sex Presents: A Pre-Valentine’s Day Speed-Dating Event


Friday, February 11th

6-8pm PST



Join us for a pre-Valentine’s Day online speed-dating event for Shameless Sex listeners – all with an astrological twist. Whether you are interested in meeting other awesome people who are on the path to becoming their most badass sexual selves, or you are curious about what the stars have to say about who you truly align with, or maybe you just want to get out there during a time (AKA Valentine’s Day) that can be confronting for non-partnered folks – this event offers an opportunity for you to meet and connect in a fun, playful way.


What to expect: Amy Baldwin of the Shameless Sex Podcast and Giulia Favia, Certified Astrologist, will be your hosts for the evening. Amy will be providing guidance on ways to connect (and maybe even flirt), as well as easy prompts to get to know 15-20 participants during your brief meet-and-greet time together. Giulia will be running your astrological chart ahead of time, giving you information on what signs you may be most compatible with. What you choose to share and how you connect is up to you.


Come with the intention of having fun while making like-minded friends, and maybe even sparking some new, romantic interest.


This events is for female-identified folks interested in male-identified folks (and vice versa) ages 20-42. Space is limited so sign up ASAP. We will be closing registrations on February 7th. 


Note: This event is a test run, and if all goes well we will create more offerings with other age brackets and gender/orientation focuses.

Instructions for signing up: After adding this event to your cart, please enter the following in the notes section: Your pronouns (he/him, she/her, etc), your birthdate (day/month/year), time and location of birth. If you do not know all of the answers or you do not care to participate in the astrology part of this event then please send your pronouns at a minimum.


Instructors/Hosts: Amy Baldwin is a Sexuality Educator, Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-creator of the Shameless Sex Podcast. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University, training from SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as a Certified Sex Educator, as well as the Somatica Institute and Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional's program. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-based sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from private sessions to how-to courses and Sacred Sexuality workshops. To learn more visit shamelesssex.com

Giulia Favia is a Certified Astrologist who connects clients with their inner guidance and in the direction of simplifying their transitional growth. Using birth charts to point out a vast range of relationship opportunities or emotional roadblocks, she will navigate you through optimal timing for pursuing your goals. During a reading she inspires you to tap into your wisdom, regaining trust and inner strength at major life crossroads. Giulia is an intuitive Astrologer who is able to deconstruct and rebuild patterns that integrate the various parts of ourselves. To learn more visit empoweryourelements.com

Administrative Support: Edward Willey has been teaching erotic rope play since 2014 and has loved knots since he was a Boy Scout. He combines his passion for rope with his long-time practice of Aikido and Sheng Zhen. His experience with these two arts of unconditional love provides a foundation for teaching how to develop open-hearted connection and awareness along with technical rope tying skills. He believes that in addition to the commonly used Japanese terms shibari (“to tie”) & kinbaku (“to bind tightly”), the word musubi is important in rope play. Musubi means to unite or bind together. Learning to connect with rope in this way can bring a new level of joy, intimacy, and understanding to your relationship by tying your hearts together with love. To learn more visit knot-love.com