09-07-2018 First Friday: "Lighting your Moment" Photography by Brad Davies

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6:00 – 8:00 pm


Join us for an evening of art and tasty treats.

Brad Davis was born in Santa Cruz and raised in the Sierra mountains, which he would take any opportunity to venture into. So it was only natural for his love of the wilderness to impact his photography. Studying classical photography while at Cabrillo College where the approach of taking a single photograph comes from, a style that seems to be all his own.

Not enamored with the “spray and pray” approach, (taking many photographs of the same subject and picking out the best one out of a hundred), Brad Davies turned to the classic approach. He sets his camera to manual, which allows him to bring intention and nuance to each photograph. He takes the time to study the lighting, watching it as it shifts over time and transforms the environment. This attention to detail not only deepens his connection with nature, but it also reduces the amount of time he must spend in front of a computer. His careful approach, in sum, raises the quality of his work—both in the sense of his photographs and his process.

His favorite aspect of photography has always been how lighting dictates the depth of a photograph, and how, because light is ever-shifting, each scene before the lens is brief and will fade away in an instant. He strives to intimately understand and skillfully work with shifting scenes to create a depth in his images that speaks to the soul, for indeed, each scene exists as it is for only an instant. 

Davies is driven by the challenge of remembering the prior scene that a photograph has arisen out of, like a wave after an earthquake. He chooses to be present in the spaces where he creates, to see how past, present, and future are distinctive and yet connected, and to capture what he sees so that he may share it with the world and fulfill his higher purpose of inspiring someone to take that step outside and be right here, right now, in this unique moment. https://bvdphotography.net/