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09-09-2017  Sexy Saturday: Strip Tease and Lap Dance

09-09-2017 Sexy Saturday: Strip Tease and Lap Dance

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7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

$20 advance/$25 at the door (Subject to space available)

Join us for Sexy Saturday with S Factor Santa Cruz.  Ignite your erotic nature and tap into your feminine power! Indulge yourself with a delightful exploration into the world of allure and tease. S Factor teacher Ellice will guide us through a short sensual movement warm-up, then lead us into the art of strip tease and lap dancing. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in that make your body feel lit up and sexy. Bring layers for the strip tease: a pair of pants or skirt that are easy to remove, a button-down shirt (one of your lover's shirts is always fun!) and/or a shirt you can remove over your head. Invite a girlfriend and join the fun!  

 S Factor is designed as a movement practice for women to create a space of community and exploration for the feminine. Classes are open to women only.  

Instructor: Ellice Apostolos empowers every woman to connect to her body's innate wisdom and pleasure so she can move through the world in her​ fully expressed radiance​. As a certified S Factor teacher, Ellice offers deeply trans-formative training where what begins as a personal erotic movement practice within the studio walls can become a sustainable practice that enriches every area of life. She offers weekly S Factor classes at 418 Project, on-line programs and live events​ that invite women, with or without dance experience, to ask her own body what is erotic.​

S Factor® is a sensual movement practice and a way of life. This is a practice that heals our relationship with our erotic body. Through this work we turn on the brilliant feminine essence that exists in all of us. We celebrate it. We revel in it. And as we see it in ourselves and each other, we bring that light to every relationship we have. S Factor® is a feminine movement practice - a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression. There is a centered, confident, radiant woman inside you. You will find her through movement - You will find her through THE MOVEMENT OF FEMININE™