09-12-2018 Sexy Flex: Tantra Yoga For Lovers

09-12-2018 Sexy Flex: Tantra Yoga For Lovers

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$50/couple advance $60/couple walk in*

*Limited to 7 couples

Tantra Yoga is a holistic system that connects our sexual and spiritual selves, for healing, joy, and power. Sexy-Flex allows you a comfortable, yogic, environment to explore the potency of your sexual juiciness. Tailored to all levels of experiences, this fun and sexy class includes postures and practices to bring new energy into your love-making (and life in general) such as:

* Fun sexy mobility exercises for the hips so more energy can flow through
* Yoga to increase the intelligence and sensitivity of the pelvic floor (better sex and stronger orgasms!)
* Ecstasy breathing to raise sexual energy and heal blockages
* Partner yoga for love, connection, and erotic aliveness 

Please come with a lover, partner or intimate friend. Clothing will stay on during this class, and all touch will not have a genital focus. Please bring two yoga mats, some sort of cushion or pillow to sit on (we have a few extra just in case), and a water bottle. 
Open to folks of all genders and orientations. 
Instructor: Dee Dussault is a sexuality coach, Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher, and the creator of Ganja Yoga, with a Harpercollins book by the same name. Since 2009, she's taught partner yoga, vanilla tantra, and Ganja Yoga to thousands of people across the US, Canada, and Europe. To learn more visit https://www.deedussault.com or theganjayoga.com