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09-27-2017 Navigating Open Relationships

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7:00 - 9:00 PM

$25 Advance/$30 Walk-in (subject to space availability)

So, you and your significant other have decided to explore non-monogamy. Now what? With the dizzying array of options available to people who’ve decided to go “off the map,” how do you and your partner plot a course of your own? And what do you do when the inevitable challenges arise?

Opening up any relationship takes skill, patience and perseverance. Mistakes will be made. But why make any more than you have to?

This fun, enlightening workshop is devoted specifically to folks who are charting new territories in their relationships. In this interactive, revealing workshop, you will learn:

  • The 4 monogamies and why they’re relevant to open relationships
  • The most common pitfalls of open relationships and how to avoid them
  • 5 things that will help you survive any open exploration
  • The key to turning jealousy into a blessing
  • Different styles of ethical non-monogamy and how to tell which one is right for you

Sexual communication coach Marcia B has been teaching about open relationships for over a decade and thousands of people have used her practical tips to consciously create successful, non-traditional relationships.


Instructor: Marcia B is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, coach and expert on sexual communication, relationships and women’s empowerment. Her primary mission is to help women and the people who love them to overcome shame and get in touch with what they truly want – romantically, sexually and relationally – ” even if it’s off the beaten path.

As co-founder of Cuddle Party, Marcia has helped tens of thousands of people to speak up for the kind of touch they want, say No unapologetically, and foster more connected, affectionate relationships. Her popular virtual course, “The Good Girl Recovery Program,” helps women to break out of the roles that keep them small and unsatisfied, and move into being more of who they are in all areas of their lives. In the Make Hot Play Happen weekend intensive, she co-teaches with renowned educator Midori, and helps people more fun, lower stakes, hotter sex, more creativity and better connection in bed.

Marcia brings wisdom, humor, and creativity to all aspects of her work, and offers a fresh perspective on love, sex and relationships. Each year, she works with a select group of private clients. Since 2003, she has helped tens of thousands of people through her private coaching, workshops and group programs.

Marcia is a sought-after presenter and coach, and she has made over 100 magazines, newspapers, TV shows, books and radio appearances, including The Montel Williams Show, Fox News, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, Marie Claire, People, Newsweek, The Daily Mail, and Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t, to name just a few. You can find her online at