10-16-2021 Whole Body Foreplay: Heavy Petting 101 ~ In-Person Class

6-9pm (with time to mingle after)

$95 per pair early bird (before 9/25)

$115 per pair (after 9/25)

Location: Estrella Collective, 175 Walnut Ave suite A, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

We believe in finding pleasure in every moment of connection. Come join us for an evening of co-created ecstatic bliss. Get ready to get turned up and turned on as we discover new layers of our sensuality by exploring all of the deliciousness our secondary and non-erogenous zones have to offer (meaning genitals are off the table). Learn how to expand your idea of “foreplay” to be just as yummy as the “main event”, as well as ways to share sensual touch without the pressure of entering into a highly sexual realm.

At the speed of honey, we’ll move deliberately and smoothly into a space that allows every titillating drop of delight to be squeezed out of our body’s brilliant sensations. Leave feeling sexy, turned on, attuned and intimately connected to your sensual being with a some new techniques for your sensual toolkit. This evening will be a nourishing balance of spicy, touching, deep interplay mixed with light, loving, silly and fun connection. 

This workshop is for pairs of all genders and orientations - you will need to bring a friend or partner you’re excited to play with, and there will be ample space to intermingle for those who desire to (but you are welcomed to stay with your partner throughout the workshop). Clothing will remain on throughout the class, and as mentioned above, full erogenous zone touch (AKA your genitals) is off the table. We will keep the space will be safe, loving, and drenched in juicy goodness.

These three hours of deep play and exploration will be followed by an option to hang out and connect with other classmates while enjoying an Aphrodisiac Elixir Bar hosted by the beautiful Madame Luscious.

Instructors: Amy Baldwin is a Sexuality Educator, Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-creator of the Shameless Sex Podcast. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University, training from SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as a Certified Sex Educator, as well as the Somatica Institute and Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional's program. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-based sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from private sessions to how-to courses and Sacred Sexuality workshops. 

Ian Stratton is a Somatic Counselor who believes in evolving with intention. He helps people navigate life’s challenges by guiding them through deep emotional processing, giving more choice and freedom in their lives. Ian is trained in and works with somatic therapeutic practices such as Hakomi and  IFS, as well as BreathworkMedicine JourneysHe believes integration happens best in community, and organizes events to help guide one another through the deep challenge of illuminating and healing stored traumas collectively. To learn more visit santacruzmedicine.com