2019-1-18 O2gasmic: Breath Orgasm 2.0 – Merging

2019-1-18 O2gasmic: Breath Orgasm 2.0 – Merging

Regular price $ 25.00

7:00-9:00 pm

$45 per Couple advance/$55 per Couple walk in* 

$25 per Single/$30 per Single walk in*

Continue your sensual journey into the delicious art of breath orgasm.

In this workshop we will build upon the teachings and technique of breath orgasm. We will review the basic principles of sexual energy, as well as the breath orgasm technique, and then dive into how to engage this practice with a partner. We will look at how to connect and align our energy more deeply, to honor the God and Goddess within, and how to blend and merge our sexual energy with another, for deeper levels of intimacy, connection, and oneness. We will also look at how to retract and withdraw our energy back into self, to keep clean and clear connections with those we choose to share this energy with. This is a practice of co-empowerment, to bring two energies together, giving rise to something greater than either by itself.

Open to all genders and orientations. This is an experiential workshop. Come prepared to practice the breath in a safe meditative space. Breath work will be done with a partner. 

We will have an opening circle to create a container for this class. Please arrive on time to receive the full spectrum of the teachings, and to honor the space and other participants.

Come prepared with a yoga mat or blanket, enough for you individually, and to share with your partner.

COUPLES: Any and all relationship configurations are welcome. If you are attending with a Monogamous container it is likely that you will be paired with your partner through the class.

If you are in any other Non-Monogamous container you are invited to create agreements with your partner(s) about your level of participation before attending this class. And it is strongly encouraged to hold to your agreements during the class. You will have the opportunity to jump in with the Singles if you wish.

SINGLES: Please come prepared with an openness and willingness to explore with new and exciting people. And as always you are at choice. Singles will have the opportunity to practice these techniques with each other and explore the edge of excitement.


Instructor: Maurizio Alvarez has been involved in the field of personal development for 10+ years. His training began in Martial Arts, and the philosophy of Bushido, the Warrior Way. Since then he has studied a variety of healing philosophies and techniques such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Energy Work, Sexuality, and Massage. He has combined aspects of these various systems into an approach that works with the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Sexual aspects of being human. His work now is to help empower individuals in each of these 5 arenas to lead a balanced and healthy life.


*Subject to space available. Advance registration is recommended as space is limited.