3-05-2019 Jade Egg Essentials

3-05-2019 Jade Egg Essentials

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6:00 - 8:00pm

$20 in advance/$25 walk-in

Learn how to enhance your sexual pleasure, prepare your body for new experiences, increase your orgasmic potential and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

The Jade Egg Essentials class is an introduction to a well-known vitalizing health practice with roots in Eastern holistic medicine and healing. Integrated with Sensuous Wisdom™ teachings, this introduction to radiant sexual and emotional well-being is unlike any other. For those who are already using the Jade Egg, this class will also introduce techniques that support energetic cleansing and clearing of former lovers and relationships. This class is for vagina owners. 

This two-hour introductory class will

  • Review the benefits of the Jade Egg practice
  • Teach safe use of the Jade Egg and Exercises
  • Create a safe and confidential space for discussion and questions
  • Guide women in the sacred circle of a safe pleasure-centered practice
  • Provide written materials with exercises for increased sensual awareness


Instructor: Jalene Marie Otto is on a mission to help humanity find their voice. When we have a voice, we have no shame. As a teacher of Sensuous Wisdom™, one of the secret ingredients to a powerful Jade Egg practice, she teaches how to cultivate sexual energy holistically and in a safe container for a profound journey into the self. Her vibrancy and passion for her work is inspiring and all inclusive. She is the founder of Aphrodite’s Temple and brings a wealth of experience and compassion to her teaching and coaching. Her heart-based approach allows women to dive deeply into their wounds and emerge with clarity, free of shame, ready to embrace their full sensual and sexual expression. With refreshing honesty and the wisdom of having done this work herself, she approaches her teaching (and her life) with humor and the willingness for unlimited growth.