Afterglow Massage Candles

Afterglow Massage Candles

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Light the Afterglow and use it as a candle, then blow it out, dip the Body Brush in the warm oil, and paint it on the skin. When heated, the candle liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin. Our proprietary blend of spa-grade ingredients provides silky sensation at the perfect temperature. Candle burns up to 42 hours, every one of them memorable.  More than a candle, it's an encounter.

Experience the 6 fabulous scents:

CUCUMBER WATER : Light floral top notes float over a welcome sweetness. Cool and rejuvenating, Cucumber Water is a slice of summer shade. Press pause and enjoy.

DARK VANILLA : The exotic Vanilla orchid as it was meant to be – rich and musky, with an intoxicating liquor finish. There’s nothing plain about it. Distinguish yourself.

FIG LEAF : There’s modesty in the leaf’s green notes, but the lush fruit of the Black Mission Fig reaches through. It’s part innocence, part intrigue. Use your imagination.

PINK LOTUS : Pink Lotus’ aqueous heart brings a liquid depth to its floral notes. Rippling and intricate, it seduces with each new impression. Reach beneath the surface.

BOURBON : Smoky and oaken, with a caramel finish – Bourbon evokes the seductive South. An air of decorum spiked with an undercurrent of scandal. Mind your manners.

BLACK CURRANT: This dark, ripe berry delights with a sudden, succulent pop. Black Currant is sweet, but not too sweet – like a good lover. Accept the invitation.