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Aneros Peridise Anal Plug Toy Set

Aneros Peridise Complete Set

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The Peridise Set by Aneros is a anal plug toy set, made of medical-grade hard plastic. We love Aneros, and the Peridise Set is no exception!

With SO many nerve endings, the anal region is one of the most erogenous zones of the body.  The UNISEX Peridise stimulates, circulates, and electrifies all of the key component to the most intense orgasm of your life!

The thoughtful design of the unisex Peridise allows for easy introduction, comfortable use, and a freedom of movement for an experience like no other. By stimulating a peristaltic response, it generates a regional orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm…the science behind this tool is amazing!

·   Scientifically and anatomically designed
·   Hands-free for use alone or with a partner
·   For both men AND women
·   Set of four devices for progressive use or synchronous use with a partner
·   Great for beginners and advanced users

Peridise is now a four-piece set that includes the Beginner Set containing two of the larger devices (22mm and 18mm) and the Advanced Set containing two of the smaller devices (20mm and 16mm). As your skill and strength advance, you should move down in diameter. The smaller the device, the more exquisite the pleasure!

Safe with all lubes, too!