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Bound to Please: Exciting Loveplay Kit

Bound to Please: Exciting Loveplay Kit

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Admit it…you’ve always fantasized about being tied up  and blindfolded being teased by your lover waiting for his next touch.  You are not alone.  Poll after poll shows that bondage is the most common fetish and is quickly gaining popularity.  


Bound to Please holds the key to a wild and daring sex life. Learn how to establish boundaries and safe words and how to choose the right materials for you and your lover while being introduced to a world of thrilling experiences to try, from power games and sensual teasing, to spanking and food play.


Complete with a book full of illustrations, fuzzy cuffs, and velvet restraint that doubles as a blindfold all packaged in a SUPER CUTE box for storage.  Bound to Please offers a fun and lighthearted way to introduce the idea of bondage and into your sexual repertoire.